Pilates class

Men and women can both benefit from Pilates

Pilates is a great exercise for men and women, but more women than men visit Pilates studios on a regular basis. Why is it that men aren’t as excited about the benefits of Pilates? It has a lot to offer, from improved strength to better flexibility. It’s also a great cross-training exercise that can assist with other workout elements, or help with post injury rehabilitation. It offers a great standalone workout experience. And those seeking to lose weight, improve muscle tone or to simply get moving will get a lot out of taking Pilates classes. So what’s keeping men away?

“Pilates is too easy, so it’s just for women.”

Pilates is simple to start, and it is an enjoyable exercise to take part in, but that doesn’t make it easy. You’ll get a thorough workout which you’ll certainly be able to feel afterwards. Building up your strength and flexibility, you will be able to tackle harder exercises as you move forward with Pilates. You’ll also learn how to incorporate control during your workout, and to develop mindfulness, as well as, your physical self: great for athletes looking for the edge over competitors.

“The classes will be full of women and I’ll be the only guy.”

It’s true that Pilates has seen a rise in popularity over the last decade, and that many of those interested are still women. However, Pilates was designed (by a man) as an exercise for male soldiers, to increase their strength and their fighting abilities. It is practiced by many professional sportsmen. At the same time, non-professional sportsmen are also starting to attend Pilates classes, or are working Pilates into their exercise routines. So men, why not encourage your friends to try Pilates with you, and work out together?

“Pilates won’t do anything for me, whereas lifting gets results.”

Pilates is not as intense a workout as weights or cardio, but it will improve your core strength and give you better control over your muscles. If you keep at it, it is going to dramatically improve your lifting abilities. You’ll become better at the sport you love, and have a better understanding of your own body too. You will also see physical benefits in your body, from weight loss to toning up, bottom line Pilates works you from head to toe.

“Men aren’t as flexible as women: I won’t be able to do the exercises.”

Our Pilates program is designed for both men and women so that everyone is capable of taking part. And unlike Yoga, Pilates doesn’t require complicated stretching. Pilates is designed to strengthen your entire body so that you’ll be able to perform your every day activities with ease. You’ll also learn to improve your core strength in order to protect your back: Indeed, Pilates is the perfect post-injury exercise not only for men, but for anyone who needs to retrain and to build up strength after a period of rest.

These are only a few reasons why men should take part in Pilates. Indeed Pilates for men is starting to see a growth in popularity, and the results show that it’s working for those who participate. Therefore, we welcome both men and women to our Pilates studio in Fairfax City, and we encourage you to take a look at our upcoming schedule.

Picture credit: World Pilates Convention, via Flickr