What Clients are Saying

Read what our clients are saying about their experiences at Esenyl’s Pilates.



* “Feeling stronger and more energetic. Would recommend Esenyl’s Pilates Studio (and have!) to anyone interested in Pilates.” *

K.H. Northern VA



* “Before discovering Esenyl’s Pilates studio I experienced high stress and was largely sedentary with constant neck/shoulder pain/tension and very poor posture; not on a path of overall wellness. Now I’m much more positive and healthy, starting from the inside out. I have less neck/shoulder pain with a greater awareness to core strength and better posture.

For someone interested in coming to Esenyl’s Pilates, I would tell them that the instructors are highly dedicated to promoting healthy living by way of Pilates. They are true to the basic fundamentals of Pilates and encourage practice as part of everyday living. Classes are small and personalized, and as a result everyone quickly becomes friends. A fun and involved group!”

D.Dawson, Fairfax, VA



* “I was out of shape and stressed out before I began working out at Esenyl’s Pilates. Now I’m less stressful and I feel taller and have better posture. I would definitely recommend your studio.”

K. Walsh, Northern, VA



* “Prior to finding the classes at Esenyl’s, I found myself unable to commit to any exercise. I didn’t see results and didn’t have good direction from an instructor to ensure I was doing things correctly so I often had minor injuries and minimal results in fitness improvement.

Now I can honestly say that I am addicted to Pilates thanks to the wonderful instruction and great classes at Esenyl’s — I’ve even established my own mini- Pilates gym in the basement of my home. I see physical results after every session in my increased strength and endurance (body) and my increased confidence and lifted spirits (spiritual/emotional). I love the camaraderie with my group and with the instructors at Esenyl’s Pilates.

I would say this to anyone considering Esenyl’s Pilates Studio: you will never find a more supportive, fun and fulfilling experience in an exercise environment than you will here. The instructors are knowledgeable, caring and very involved in helping you achieve your body goals. I can honestly say that I tell everyone about this great studio and recommend it highly.”

– C. Fredman, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist, Northern VA



* “I am someone who has joined several gyms over the years and my enthusiasm does not last more than a few weeks. I spend most of my day at a computer and really need to exercise.

I found Esenyls Pilates website and it looked like it may appeal. There are many great things about Esenyls. Freda, the owner and her team are fabulous motivators and take time to provide encouragement while continuing to challenge. The studio is super-clean and tidy – a must for neat freaks! The class size has been no more than 8 and all the clients are very friendly. The environment is non competitive – you can wear what you like and never be out of place.

Now for the best part. I have been coming to class twice a week for 4 months and have lost 7 pounds in weight and my posture has improved. I am now even measuring one inch taller!”

– Kathryn S
IT Director, Virginia